Staycation Review – The Secrets of ONE Farrer Hotel’s S$2M Upgrade

Guests can use their SingapoRediscover Vouchers and enjoy a 3D2N launch staycation package worth S$599 nett which includes a guided tour around the Farrer Park, Little India and Jalan Besar. The question: how safe is it?

With closed borders and leisure travel yet to take off the ground, Singaporeans are making full use of the SingapoRediscovers vouchers to – of course – rediscover Singapore and mark the start of 2021 with a well-deserved staycation.

As soon as we heard about ONE Farrer Hotel’s $2M upgrade, we can’t think of a better way than to check out the hotel’s refurbished upgrade ourselves. We’re no stranger to the 5-star urban resort, for ONE Farrer Hotel is well-esteemed in the media as an iconic beacon in the heart of Farrer Park adjoining ONE Farrer Hospital, a private tertiary healthcare facility.

ONE Farrer Hotel boasts a trifecta of outstanding refurbishments: the exclusive debut of the Mint Hotel, the launch of Pillow Lab, and cutting-edge technology to assure guests in the utmost health and safety measures. Read on to find out our first thoughts from the hotel preview.


There’s nothing more important than the safety of ONE Farrer Hotel guests. We were floored by ONE Farrer Hotel’s meticulousness and stringent protocol in keeping all guests assured. Not only do you see the standard contactless entry points and hand sanitiser stations, but ONE Farrer Hotel takes it to the next level: UVC sterilization.

We were told that the sterilisation of each room takes around 20 minutes in the specialised UVC chest to remove any airborne virus and bacteria. We don’t know about you, but that is the highest possible standard of hygiene and cleanliness.


You may be familiar with several news features earlier last year: ONE Farrer Hotel championed a pilot programme as the hotel turned into a drive-through facility for re-swab tests – on top of hosting guests required to be put on Stay-Home Notice. As the hotel cross-functions as a private healthcare institution, dedicated medical teams were allocated to monitor each patient. Unbeknown to many, it only took the ONE Farrer Hotel team 1 week to convert into a medical facility!

Ever since the success of the pilot programme, the team at ONE Farrer Hotel refurbished the medical facility into the branded Mint Hotel – which we had the honour in touring. Sitting on Level 11 to 15 of ONE Farrer Hotel, the newly launched Mint Hotel captures your eyes immediately for the aesthetic, unique to each floor. Every floor the lift door opens you to a brand new micro-concept.

Some may be quick to point out the most jarring difference the Mint Hotel lacks: carpets. While most hotels integrate carpets for a more elegant and upscale aesthetic, ONE Farrer Hotel went the other way instead. Carpets retain dust particles and trap germs – professional cleaning may not even be a full-proof solution to a bacteria-free environment. By removing carpets in the corridors and rooms, guests are guaranteed the highest possible standard of hygiene and cleanliness. Besides, what’s not to love about hardwood flooring!

Family-first concept: featured is an extra sofa bed perfect for kids in the Mint Den.


How important is your pillow to you? It should be — since we spend between 6 to 10 hours every day to rest on our pillows, be it at home or at a staycation. As one of the highest touchpoints in the hotel, ONE Farrer Hotel does not skim on the hygiene and quality of their pillows.

Comes Pillow Lab, the brainchild of ONE Farrer Hotel in a bid to enhance guests’ quality of sleep while improving hygiene levels. The Pillow Lab is equipped with an industry-leading Ultraviolet-C (UVC) Chamber for deep disinfection of guest room pillows between use – a safe and effective method that removes all pathogens, natural microbiota, moulds and yeasts you can’t see with your naked eye.

The Pillow Lab is slated to launch in 2021. We were told that this creation extends beyond pillows in the hotel – the UVC deep cleaning service will open up to guests who wish to bring their own pillows from home for periodic washes as well. We can’t wait to get first dibs on this feature after its official launch.


Of all the fully-stocked room amenities, we were the most stoked about the bathroom amenities. ONE Farrer Hotel carries FRESHSKINLAB products, an eco-friendly brand that combines advanced skincare research and botanical ingredients, free of parabens and other controversial ingredients. We love how the products feel on our skin!

We also had an in-room QR code that explains the hotel brand story and its origin of the Mint Hotel. This initiative not only reduces environmental waste but it also allows guests to appreciate and admire how adaptable the hotel is in light of the pandemic.

For anyone reading this who is planning to utilise SingapoRediscover Vouchers for a staycation, ONE Farrer Hotel tops the list. For S$599 nett, you get a 3D2N staycation with breakfast provided and a guided tour around Jalan Besar and Tekka Market.

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