Scoot Trials New Digital Solutions for COVID-19 Tests and Verification at Check-in

Two new digital initiatives being trialled by Scoot will offer customers a one-stop solution for COVID-19 pre-departure tests (PDTs) and a more seamless process when verifying their test results.

From 17 March 2021, a complimentary online portal will allow customers departing on flights from Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong SAR, China to book PDT appointments with recognised and accredited partner clinics, make payment for the tests, and receive results in digital form within 36 hours1.

The portal may be accessed via the Scoot website or mobile app during and after booking their flights, as well as via email reminders from Scoot, and is created and managed by  Collinson, a global leader in the provision of traveller experiences, including medical assistance, to travellers.

PDT results2 obtained through the portal bear QR codes which can be authenticated digitally,  streamlining verification3 and strengthening the integrity of the process. To this end, Scoot is trialling a digital verification solution from Affinidi, a Temasek-founded technology company,  at check-in for selected flights from Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. By scanning the QR  code with a secure app, check-in agents are able to quickly and reliably determine the authenticity of digital or printed COVID-19 test results bearing a verifiable QR code, issued by selected clinics. This will in turn shorten the time required for customers to complete the check-in process, thereby improving their travel experience.

Scoot trials new app to reliably scan and verify passengers’ COVID-19 test results and improve check-in time

“Through both solutions, we hope our customers can be assured of a more convenient,  efficient and reliable experience when they travel with us,” said Campbell Wilson, Scoot CEO. “These, among other initiatives by Scoot, not only support the gradual re-opening of borders  with robust safeguards in place, but also aim to meet customers’ expectations in a post-COVID world.”

Todd Handcock, President, Asia Pacific, Collinson added: “We are delighted to further expand our successful partnership with Singapore Airlines by offering COVID-19 pre-departure testing for Scoot passengers. Helping to reopen key routes for travellers in a safe way is our utmost priority and this partnership is another step forward in our aim of achieving the long-term return of global travel. Whilst the roll-out of vaccines is gathering pace across the world, there remains a complex road ahead. With Collinson managing over 190,000 COVID-19 tests to  date since the start of the pandemic, we remain dedicated to restoring confidence in travel  through the implementation of robust testing protocols across the globe.”

“We applaud Scoot for being among the first few airlines in Singapore to prioritize travellers’  needs and safety while maintaining privacy; ensuring travel experience is as seamless and efficient as we reunite people to families and jobs to economies as they take to the skies,” said  Glenn Gore, Affinidi CEO.

Here is an example of a customer’s journey when both online portal solution and digital verification process for PDTs come together:

Since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, Scoot has focused on safeguarding the health of crew and passengers, as well as mitigating the uncertainties faced by travellers. Such initiatives span from providing up to date COVID-19 travel information on the Scoot website and establishing a flexible travel waiver policy, to implementing stringent safety measures and introducing more low-touch, self-service solutions across the customer journey. Scoot also became the first low-cost carrier in the world to operate a flight with a full complement of vaccinated cabin crew and pilots in February 2021.

1 Regulations and restrictions are changing rapidly so customers are encouraged to check that the test result certificate produced meets their destination country’s entry requirements prior to travel.

2 Currently, results from serology tests booked through the portal will be provided directly to travellers via the test clinic and will not contain a QR code. 

3 Manual verification can still be done for customers without a digital certificate with the QR code.