Experience Authentic Thai Cuisine in China’s Most Dynamic Destinations

With its strong aromatic ingredients and spicy edge, Thai cuisine has satisfied the palates of people all over the world.

Thai food is known for its vibrant combination of flavours — a balance of spicy, sweet, sour, and salty, and at times, bitter — that makes for a joyful eating experience. Rather than using dried herbs and spices, Thai cuisine leans more towards the enthusiastic use of fresh ingredients in its recipes.

phad Thai served in a Thai restaurant
Photo by Alyssa Kowalski on Unsplash

The street food favourite, phad Thai, very much represents the unique fusion of flavours of the Thai cuisine. It’s a stir-fried rice noodle dish typically served with chicken or beef (sometimes tofu), scrambled egg, crushed peanuts, bean sprouts and other vegetables. Further enhanced by an array of spices, the rich taste of this local dish will surely be a delight for your taste buds.

Thai Cusine in China’s Most Dynamic Destinations

Thankfully, there is no need for Shenzhen diners to have to go to Thailand in order to satisfy their cravings for Thai food. Mango Tree Worldwide, the world’s leading Thai restaurant operator, has celebrated the launch of its first outlet in Shenzhen as it continues to introduce authentic Thai cuisine to China’s most dynamic destinations.

Diners in Shenzhen can savour a wide selection of Thai food favourites, including exquisite appetisers, vibrant salads, spicy soups, fragrant curries and more, all crafted by highly-skilled chefs using fresh ingredients. Signature main courses include baked prawns or crab with glass noodles in a clay pot, beef ribs in a stone bowl with black pepper sauce, steamed sea bass with chili & garlic lime sauce, and for a truly luxurious treat, Thai-style fried Australian lobster with garlic. These delicious dishes can be accompanied with a choice of vegetables, rice and noodles, including phad Thai, the popular favourite.

Modern and stylish, the new Mango Tree Kitchen is a Thai restaurant that features a contemporary design concept with polished wooden floors, modern furniture and a dramatic light installation. With hundreds of bulbs hanging elegantly from the ceiling, this ambience works well as you enjoy your Thai food order, regardless if you’re coming for a quick bite, a light lunch, or an evening meal.

The launch of Mango Tree Kitchen at COCO Park reflects the success of Mango Tree’s growth strategy, which focuses on bringing casual yet compelling Thai dining experiences. It also underscores Mango Tree’s confidence in the Chinese hospitality industry, in the wake of the global pandemic.

“We are delighted to open our inaugural restaurant in Shenzhen, as our expansion in China gathers momentum. With its huge population of over 12 million people in the metro area alone, thriving economy and international outlook, Shenzhen is an important city that we have been targeting for some time. We just needed to find the right location, and they don’t get any better than COCO Park. Right in the heart of downtown, next to the landmark Ping’an International Financial Center and surrounded by landmarks and attractions, this will allow us to cater for every type of diner, from local shoppers to international executives,” said Trevor MacKenzie, Global Managing Director of  Mango Tree Worldwide.

“Our achievements are underpinned by strong partnerships and the strength of our brands. Looking ahead, we will continue to introduce world-class Thai cuisine to high-profile urban and airport locations in China, across Asia and all around the globe,” he added.

Mango Tree Worldwide now operates six outlets in Mainland China, including urban Thai restaurants in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Qingdao, and convenient outlets at major international airports such as Guangzhou Baiyun.

So if you’re in Shenzhen and in the mood for authentic Thai food,  make sure that you experience the rich flavours of Thai cuisine, including the popular phad Thai, at the Mango Tree Kitchen at COCO Park.